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Another 90s trend is making a comeback to our closets this summer, cargo pants! and you either can love ’em or hate ’em - there is no in between. I see them as a high version of sweatpants, but more versatile and breathable for the hot weather, after all who doesn't love a chill-cool look.

H&M, Ted Baker, Cinq à Sept, Zara, Amiri & Urban Outfitters

This summer will be the summer of cargo pants because of the versatility of wearing them since they come in a huge range of styles; denim, low / high-rise, wide leg, patterned, elastic cuffs or zipper plus all those multiples spacious pockets, are just a few of the common style we're going to see during this season.

Personally I love how effortless, versatile and comfortable this piece can be since you can style them in so many ways - they can be dressed up by just adding a statement shoe or bold jewelry, or dressed down with sandals and bucket hat for a chill day look. Either way, every outfit will have a touch of that relaxed, cool-girl vibe that you really can’t go wrong.

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