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The Wagyu Bar. Miami's first casual Steakhouse

I alway enjoy the experience of going to a steakhouse; for me it is getting all dressed-up, sipping an old-fashioned under dim lights, just indulging fully to the experience that involves a steakhouse.

So when I heard about the Wagyu Bar and their approach to a casual environment I immediately got intrigued.

The venue is just like they describe it - modern & chill, the menu is very informative and has a great selection of cuts, as well as a good selection of wines. The staff were very friendly and well trained with regards to answering all kinds of questions related to their menu.

Miyazaki-Gyu A5 Nigiri

Japanese A5 Miyazaki-Gyu

Bacon Brussel Sprouts, Creamy Spinach & Caramelized Onions

I truly enjoyed my experience and is place I would recommend to visit if you craving for a good piece of steak but not in the mood for a formal dinner just stop by to the Wagyu bar and you would not regret!

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